Applying for a job
at Mata Digital


01. Applications

We open a new position for job applications. Normally we will advertise a job for between 2 - 4 weeks.


02. Apply

Apply for a job. Email with a PDF of your CV, and if applicable, a PDF of your portfolio.


03. Selection

Our HR manager will get in touch, and often ask you for more information. At this point, we create a short list for interviews.


04. Interviews

We are committed to finding people who fit with the values of our company, and with our team.

Our HR manager and 1 - 2 of the team will interview you, in person, to learn more about you.

Sometimes, a technical interview is also required after the initial interview.

05. Offer

After the interviews, our HR manager will often do a reference check.  From here, a final selection is made.

Our HR manager will present you with a job offer.